Is there a way to request and obtain the voltage and radio signal strength from a remotely located AVW206 using CRBasic?

Here is an example of the code that can be added to a data logger program to acquire both the voltage of the AVW206 and the radio signal strength:

AVW200 (VW_Meas_Result,ComSDC7,0,200,VWData(1),1,1,1,450,6000,1,_60Hz,1,0)

GetVariables (AVW206_Batt_Result,ComSDC7,0,200,0000,0,"status","BattVoltage",RemoteBatt,1) 

GetVariables (AVW206_Sig_Result,ComSDC7,0,200,0000,0,"Status","RfSignalLevel",SignalStrength,1)

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