How can data be made more secure on a CRBasic PakBus data logger?

The following are some suggested security methods listed by category:

  • Hardware
    • Physically secure the data logger, peripherals, cabling, etc., depending on the level of risk.
    • Set the three-level security, as well as the PakBus Encryption Key.
  • Data logger programs
    • Secure the physical, terminal, Telnet, PakBus, FTP, and HTTP interfaces.
    • Consider encrypting and/or hiding programs.
  • Terminal menu
    • Set the three-level security codes.
    • Enable PakBus security.
    • Disable or secure Telnet access.
  • Telnet
    • Disable Telnet or keep Telnet sessions on a trusted network. 
    • Set the three-level security for the terminal menu.
  • BMP
    • Enable all PakBus-related security.
  • PakBus/TCP (BMP/PakBus transferred over a TCP/IP connection)
    • Enable all PakBus-related security.
    • Restrict IP access.
  • FTP
    • Disable the FTP server or keep FTP sessions on trusted networks.
    • Set the FTP username and password.
    • Secure the program.
    • Use FTPS when acting as a client.
  • HTTP
    • Disable the HTTP server or keep HTTP sessions on trusted networks.
    • Set up .csipasswd accounts.
    • Use HTTPS when acting as an HTTP client.
  • Email
    • Use a TLS connection for data transfer.
  • Modbus, DNP3, etc.
    • Transmit data over a trusted or secured network or network link. 

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