CS205 10-Hour Fuel Temperature Stick (without sensor)
Precision-Made Ponderosa Pine Dowel
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The CS205 is a hollowed-out ponderosa-pine dowel that emulates the temperature of similarly sized twigs on the forest floor. Fuel temperature is measured by inserting the thermistor-based 107 probe inside the CS205 dowel. The CS205 and 107 probe are often incorporated in our prewired or custom fire-weather stations.

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Benefits and Features

  • Companion product to CS506 fuel moisture sensor; can be mounted on the same stake
  • Used with the 107 probe to measure fuel temperature for forest fire applications



Material Ponderosa Pine
Diameter 1.3 cm (0.5 in.)
Length 11.4 cm (4.5 in.)
Weight 9.07 g (0.32 oz) for stick only


Temperature Sensors

The CS205 10-hour Fuel Temperature Stick is used with the 107 or 107-LC thermistor. The 107-LC has a connector that allows it to be attached to our ET107, ET106 (retired), or MetData1 (retired) weather stations.

Fuel Moisture

The CS205/107 combination is typically measured alongside the CS506/26601 combination, which measures fuel moisture. The CS205/107 combination can also be used with the retired CS505 fuel moisture sensor and 10824 fuel moisture stick.


The 26817 Mounting Stake is often used to mount the CS205/107 with the CS506/26601. This stake places the probes twelve inches above the forest floor. Because the probes are mounted parallel to each other, shadowing is minimized. Cable ties are included for securing the cables to the side of the stake.

The 10974 Mounting Stake is used to mount the CS205/107 with the CS505/10824.

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FAQs for

Number of FAQs related to CS205: 2

  1. For descriptions and illustrations (with part numbers) of the various instruments used in measuring fuel temperature and moisture, see the "Remote Measurements" brochure.

  2. Both the 26601 10-Hour Fuel Moisture Stick (used with the CS506-L) and the CS205 10-Hour Fuel Temperature Stick (used with the 107-L) can be easily replaced in the field with a Phillips screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.

    The dowels should be replaced each spring; more frequent replacements may be required in some environments. The more wet/dry cycles the dowels experience, the more frequently they will need to be replaced.