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COM9602 Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) Modem Kit

The COM9602 SBD Modem enables short burst data message transmissions from a remote Campbell Scientific datalogger via the Iridium network and the Internet. The COM9602 provides an RS-232 port for communication, along with power and... and more

A300 Power and Signal Converter

The A300 is a logic-level shifter and voltage converter. It provides two level-shifting channels: the first converting 5 V to 3.3 V, and the second converting 3.3 V to 5 V. Additionally, the A300 provides... and more

PLS-C Pressure Probe with Conductivity Sensor

The OTT PLS-C Pressure Probe and Conductivity Sensor is used for accurately measuring the water, level, temperature, and specific electric conductitivty of ground and surface waters. Based on the specific conductivity, the PLS-C also calculates... and more

SOLYS GD Kipp & Zonen Tracker/Positioner

Kipp & Zonen's SOLYS GD is an advance over conventional automatic sun trackers. It does not require a computer and software for installation. The integrated GPS receiver automatically configures location and time data. Multi-colour LEDs indicate the operating... and more

CR6 Measurement and Control Datalogger

The CR6 measurement and control datalogger is a powerful core component for your data-acquisition system. We combined the best features of all our dataloggers and added faster communication, low power requirements, built in USB, compact... and more

86000 RM Young 2D Ultrasonic Anemometer

The R.M. Young Model 86000 Ultrasonic Anemometer is a 2-axis, no-moving-parts wind sensor. It is ideal for general meteorological applications requiring accurate and reliable measurement. and more

OBS501 Smart Turbidity Meter with Antifouling Features

The OBS501 features dual backscatter and sidescatter sensors, a shutter mechanism that keeps the lenses clean, and a refillable biocide chamber that prevents fouling–just like the OBS500. In addition, the OBS501 has improved performance in heavy... and more

CRVW3 3-Channel Vibrating-Wire Datalogger

The CRVW3 is a self-contained, low-cost, 3-channel VSPECT™ vibrating-wire datalogger. It is designed to be an independent datalogger, or a reliable component in a larger data acquisition system. Arriving field-ready from the factory with power,... and more

ARG100 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (0.2mm/tip)

The cost effective ARG100 aerodynamic tipping bucket was the first gauge designed to minimize the established effect of wind on reducing rainfall catch. The unique shape and evaporation-loss properties of the ARG100 results in more... and more

SHM 30 Snow Depth Sensor (made by Jenoptik)

The SHM 30 snow depth sensor reliably determines snow depths of up to 10 meters within seconds and with millimeter precision. Based on an opto-electronic distance sensor emitting visible eye-safe laser light, the SHM 30... and more

SBS500 Powder Coated Aluminum Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (0.2mm/tip)

EML’s SBS500 rain gauge utilizes the proven aerodynamic shape of the ARG100 and takes it to the next level. The aerodynamic design of the SBS500 minimizes airflow disruption, thereby reducing the risk of under measurement.... and more

HL4 Hydrolab Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde

The Hydrolab HL4 is the next generation multiparameter water quality sonde from OTT Hydromet. Its reliability, ease-of-use, and metadata produce water quality data you can trust. Know the sonde is working correctly and troubleshoot quickly with... and more

CS230 Temperature Profiler

The CS230 temperature profiler uses SDI-12 digital technology for simple integration.  SDI-12 does away with analog measurement inaccuracies and susceptibility to electrical noise.  The CS230 consists of a rigid probe assembly and up to 4... and more

CHM15k Ceilometer

The CHM 15k series has high optical sensitivity for precise results. It is capable of performing year-round measurements in any climate. Measurements are not affected by fogging, precipitation, freezing, or overheating due to the double... and more

CM255LS Fully Adjustable Solar Sensor Mounting Stand with Leveling Screws

The process of securely mounting and accurately leveling a pyranometer to a mounting bracket has traditionally been very difficult. The balance between tightly securing the sensor to the mounting bracket while perfectly leveling the sensor... and more

SPS280 Solar Power System

The SPS280 solar power system possesses a total solar array capacity of 280W (2 x 140W). The outdoor rated battery enclosure is insulated, has the capacity to house all related controller/regulator and fusing electronics, and... and more

PS150 12 V Power Supply

The PS150 is a 12Vdc power supply that includes a rechargeable 8.5 Ah value-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery and charging regulator. Charging power for the PS150 is typically supplied by an unregulated solar panel, AC/AC transformer,... and more

CH150 12 V Charging Regulator

The CH150 is a charging regulator for an external rechargeable 12 V VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) battery, such as BP12 or BP24 offered by Campbell Scientific. Charging power for the CH150 is typically supplied by an... and more

CMP10-L Kipp & Zonen Pyranometer

The Kipp & Zonen CMP10 is a secondary standard pyranometer with the best price-quality-performance ratio on the market. Based on the established CMP 11 technology, CMP10 extends this quality to applications where maintenance is difficult... and more

PVS5120D Discrete Portable Automatic Liquid Sampler

The PVS5120D is a discrete sampler that deposits its water samples into 1 to 24 containers. This sampler uses a vacuum sampler controller, the VSC100, to allow a Modbus RTU master, SDI-12 master device, simple pulse... and more

COM9522B Iridium Satellite Modem Interface

The COM9522B interface enables communications between a computer or Campbell Scientific datalogger and the 9522B satellite modem.  Communications occur over the Iridium satellite network. Most Campbell Scientific dataloggers are compatible. and more

CVF4 Kipp and Zonen Ventilation Unit

Ventilation of radiometers improves the reliability and accuracy of the measurement by reducing dust, raindrops and dew on the dome. With thermopile-based instruments ventilation stabilizes the temperature of the radiometer and suppresses thermal offsets. The... and more

CRS451 Water-Level Recording Sensor—Stainless Steel

The CRS451 consists of a water-level and water-temperature sensor that has its own time clock and memory to store the collected data, in a compact stainless-steel case. This frees users to place the sensor in... and more

CS451-L Pressure Transducer

The CS451 is a pressure transducer for water-level measurements in canals, wells, ponds, harbors, lakes, streams and tanks. It has a stainless-steel case that can be submerged in most canals, wells, ponds, lakes, and streams.... and more

ENC24/30 Painted Steel Enclosure, 24 x 30 inches

The ENC24/30 is a painted steel enclosure with additional wiring room for various components, including a datalogger, power supply, larger batteries, and communication and measurement peripherals. This enclosure, with a backplate for mounting devices, can... and more

CRS456 Water-Level Recording Sensor—Titanium

The CRS456 consists of a water-level and water-temperature sensor that has its own time clock and memory to store the collected data, in a compact titanium case. This frees users to place the sensor in... and more

ecoLog800 Groundwater System

The OTT ecoLog 800 is a self-contained system for the measurement of water level, temperature, and conductivity in groundwater and surface water applications. It features a complete in-well solution for groundwater measurement and flexible options... and more

CS725 Snow Water Equivalent Sensor

The CS725 measures snow-water equivalent (SWE) by passively detecting the change in naturally occurring electromagnetic energy from the ground after it passes through snow cover. It is mounted above the ground and has no contact... and more