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Learn More Weather stations and monitoring systems for climate and boundary-layer meteorology

Learn More Systems for road alerts and maintenance scheduling

Learn More Systems for fire danger prediction, prescribed burns, and fire research

Learn More Systems for evaluating relationships between organisms and their environment

Learn More Systems for evapotranspiration, plant growth and development, and disease modeling

Case Studies

Swiss Alps: Glacier Research
Swiss scientists are probing centuries-old glaciers in the hope of discovering new environmental and climatic data. A measurement site more
Port of Tyne: Weather Monitoring
In order to gain access to more reliable weather information, the Port of Tyne added two new weather stations more
University Paris Sud-Orsay: Plant Research
Dataloggers from Campbell Scientific are being used for measurement and control as part of a branch bag system at more
Australia: OzFace—Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change
An experimental facility (OzFace) has been established in Townsville, Australia, to examine the impacts of elevated carbon dioxide and more
SNOTEL: Snowpack Telemetry Systems
The SNOTEL data acquisition system measures the sensors with Campbell Scientific's dataloggers, then transmits the data using MeteorBurst Communications more
Alaska: Aviation Weather
To reduce the incidence of airplane accidents in Alaska, the FAA is installing weather cameras in mountain passes throughout more
Oklahoma Mesonet: Meteorological Network
The Oklahoma Mesonetwork is a statewide environmental monitoring network developed through the cooperative efforts of Oklahoma State University and more
Alaska: Eddy Covariance
Scientists and land-use managers have long recognized the importance of forest lands for their role in carbon uptake. Predominantly, more