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Current Version for iOS: 1.3
Current Version for Android: 1.3.2

LoggerLink Mobile Apps are simple yet powerful tools that allow an iOS or Android device to communicate with our CR200X, CR800, CR850, CR1000, CR3000, or CR6 dataloggers via an IP device (NL115, NL116, NL120, NL121, NL201, NL240, RavenXTV, RavenXTG, LS300G). LoggerLink for Android also supports Bluetooth communication for these same dataloggers using an RS-232-Bluetooth adapter. The apps support field maintenance tasks such as viewing and collecting data, setting the clock, and downloading programs.

Note: An Android device will not, by default, connect to an ad hoc network. However, some smartphones and tablets may be configured so that they will work in an ad hoc network. Consult with your wireless provider for information on setting up your device for connection to an ad hoc network. For more information about ad hoc networks, see the Compatibility information.

LoggerLink mobile apps are free and available through the Apple Store or Google Play.


Benefits and Features

  • View real-time data
  • Graph collected data
  • Collect data
  • Set variables and toggle ports
  • Check important status information about the health of the datalogger
  • Perform field maintenance such as send program, set clock
  • Manage files
  • View current data tables in graphical or tabular format

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