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Taking you from environmental measurement, to actionable intelligence, to confident decisions.


WeatherBrain is an intelligent decision support system for people tasked with making critical decisions that are influenced by environmental factors. It collects all your environmental data, analyzes it, and places the information you need to make the right decision at the right time, right at your fingertips.

Whether you’re analyzing precipitation data, monitoring your roadways, looking to optimize your crop yield, or something in between, WeatherBrain can create actionable intelligence from any environmental data and help you make confident decisions that are critical to your business.


WeatherBrain can optimize your road weather maintenance

& remove the guesswork from precipitation monitoring


Know What to Expect and When With Actionable Indicators

WeatherBrain doesn't just provide you with a suite of complex charts and graphs - anybody can do that. Instead, WeatherBrain leverages 40 years of Campbell Scientific Canada experience and a global network of environmental experts to intelligently analyze your data and provide you with simple indicators. These indicators put you ahead of impending environmental events so you know what critical actions to take and more importantly, when to take them, leaving you confident you’ve made the right decision, at the right time.


No Maintenance, Just Simplified Intelligence

WeatherBrain collects data from Campbell Scientific Canada’s own industry leading network of monitoring stations in and around your area. So, when you subscribe to WeatherBrain you don't have to worry about hardware installation or maintenance. We take care of the hardware to ensure your network collects the accurate data you want, and WeatherBrain provides the intelligence to ensure you have the decision support you need.


Decision Support Tailored to your Business Needs

Nobody knows your business like you do, and that's why we work with you to determine exactly what you need to measure, and what information you need, to make the critical decisions that affect your company's success. Our team of environmental specialists work with you to determine which environmental thresholds are critical to your business. We customize WeatherBrain based on your input to provide you with intelligent indicators that alert you when those thresholds are reached. You’re then able to make confident decisions knowing you have the most accurate, geo-relevant, and timely data available for your specific location.


Environmental Software That Fits Anyone’s Budget

With WeatherBrain, you don’t pay for standard station hardware, station installation, or equipment maintenance costs throughout the life of your contract. One low monthly subscription fee allows you to access your decision support data at anytime – it’s that simple.



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Customize a System

Most of the systems we sell are customized. Tell us what you need and we'll help you configure a system that meets your exact needs.


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