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Here at Campbell Scientific, we recognize that accurate measurements are key to scientific research and to the development and application of technology. From the beginning, we have been an advocate of high measurement quality, as demonstrated by our product engineering and customer support.

As part of our focus on making good measurements, we are pleased to sponsor the Campbell Scientific IMAGINE Grant, a grant program created to provide quality measurement instrumentation for use in graduate or undergraduate coursework.

IMAGINE Grant Guidelines

The Campbell Scientific IMAGINE Grant is open to undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. Equipment, including software, supplied under the grant is to remain on campus with use limited to teaching purposes, not research.

Grant Amount
In 2012, a total of up to $60,000 will be awarded, at the sole discretion of Campbell Scientific, Inc., to one or more IMAGINE applicants. Campbell Scientific will grant up to 80% of the total eligible equipment cost. NOTE: Only items manufactured at Campbell Scientific are eligible.

Grants are nontransferable.

Grants will be applied as credit to purchase. The recipient will not receive a monetary award but will receive equipment as outlined in the application. Successful recipients will be notified by April 9, 2012. Purchase orders must be received by August 03, 2012.

Application Requirements
Applicants must list the measurement and instrumentation courses for which the grant equipment will be used, and estimate the number of students participating in the courses for the next 5 years. They must also demonstrate current level of knowledge of (or experience with) Campbell Scientific hardware and software, or show commitment to attend Campbell Scientific training. Additional consideration is given to programs providing Campbell Scientific with access to equipment and laboratory for one week per year to hold an independent training course.