Eureka Manta Series Water Probes
Multiprobes Built for the Field Technician
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The Manta family offers up to 12 sensors in one integrated package. Each Manta comes standard with a weighted sensor guard, storage and calibration cups, temperature sensor, embedded memory for internal logging, marine connector, electronic manual, MantaManager software and standard 3 year warranty.  

Rental Program

If purchasing equipment doesn’t meet your needs, the Eureka Manta+ 35 is also available to rent.

Water Quality Rental Program

Manta Family

The Manta Series by Eureka includes 5 sensors, each with varying specifications and measurement capabilities.

Manta+ 20

The Manta+ 20 water probe measures:

  • temperature
  • pH
  • conductivity
  • optical DO (optional)
  • depth (optional)
  • ORP (optional)

Manta+ 25

The Manta+ 25 water probe measures:

  • temperature
  • pH
  • conductivity
  • turbidity (or any medium sensor)
  • depth (optional)
  • ORP (optional)

Manta+ 30

The Manta+ 30 water probe measures:

  • temperature
  • pH
  • conductivity
  • DO (optional)
  • turbidity (or any medium sensor)
  • depth (optional)
  • ORP (optional)

Manta+ 35 & Manta+ 40

The following measurements are standard for the Manta+ 35 & Manta+ 40 probes:

  • temperature
  • pH
  • conductivity
  • optical DO 
  • universal wiper
  • turbidity 

Both models can also be configured to include any of the following small and medium sensor options:

Small Sensor Options

  • sodium
  • ammonium
  • nitrate
  • chloride
  • TDG

Medium Sensor Options

  • PAR
  • chlorophyll
  • blue-green algae
  • rhodamine
  • crude oil
  • refined oil
  • fluorescein dye
  • optical brighteners
  • tryptophan


The Manta Series of multiprobes are suited perfectly suited for a wide variety of applications and environments, including the following:

  • Site-to-site profiling
  • Process monitoring
  • Unattended logging
  • Ground water
  • Telemetered deployments
  • Buoy deployments

Benefits and Features

  • Three-Year Warranty includes all parts of the Manta and installed sensors, except ISE replacement tips (Ammonia, Nitrate, etc) – even the pH sensor, pH reference electrode and replaceable optical DO cap are covered for 3 years.
  • Event Triggering increases the frequency of data logging when a user-selected parameter changes by a given amount over a specified period.
  • Turbidity Sensor has excellent performance in near-zero FNU waters, with an upper range to 4000 FNU.
  • Calibration Stability Indicator tells you when your sensor is stable enough for calibration.
  • Robust wet-mateable marine connectors insure against water intrusion and connectivity issues due to corrosion.
  • New Sensors include tryptophan/BOD, optical brighteners, bromide, calcium, and sodium ions, fDOM II, chlorophyll red, and transmissivity.
  • Other new features include: Custom Parameter Option, Copper Gauze Antifouling Kit, Expanded Calibration Log, Optional Display of Raw Value Readings, and AquariusTM Software Compatibility.


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